Parish School of Religion

The Saint Joseph Parish School of Religion offers PreK-4 through 8th grade Faith Formation on Sunday mornings from 10:45 am to 11: 45 am.  Our catechists bring the Catholic Faith to our young parishioners each Sunday.  With the support of volunteers and parents, the goal is to bring each child to a loving and lasting relationship with God.   For our children to receive a complete and lasting Catholic education in their young years, the involvement of their parents is imperative.

What we ask of parents:

  • Attend weekly Sunday mass with your child.
  • Have your child baptized into Catholic Faith if you have not already done so.
  • Make sure that your child faithfully attends spiritual formation through PSR.
  • If your child has already received the sacraments of Holy Communion & Reconciliation, encourage him to frequent these sacraments.
  • Help and encourage your child in the mastery of Catholic prayers, such as the Hail Mary, the Our Father, the Glory Be, the Creed, the Act of Contrition, etc.

What we ask of Children:

  •  Baptism in the Catholic Church.
  •  Weekly attendance of Sunday mass with their families.
  •  Faithful attendance of spiritual formation through PSR.
  •  Mastery of the prayers of the Church appropriate for the child’s age.

Online registration now available:  To register your child for PSR, click here.


  • 1st Child: $35, 2nd Child: $30, Additional Children: $20
  • Sacramental Years:
  • First Communion (2nd Grade): $55
  • Confirmation (8th Grade): $135 (includes retreat fee)
To Pay your registration fees online, click here

Touching Safety

The Touching Safety Program is presented to all Parish School of Religion students as required under the guidelines established by the Diocese of Shreveport.  The link below provides more information.

Teaching Touching Safety Booklet

Volunteer Opportunities: There are many ways to become involved in the Faith formation of the youth of Saint Joseph Parish.   Please consider volunteering  to serve as a Catechist or a Catechist’s aide on Sunday mornings.  Your Faith will grow as abundantly as the children you teach!  Help is needed as the Parish School of Religion continues to grow.  If you are a volunteer in the PSR program or any other Parish youth program, you MUST complete the Protecting God’s Children course as provided by the Diocese of Shreveport each 2nd Wednesday of the Month, 6:00 PM at the Catholic Center.  This course is part of an ongoing effort to help create and maintain a safe environment for our children.

Please click here to register and for more information on Protecting God’s Children: