From the Office of Mission Effectiveness

Due to information brought to the attention of the Diocese of Shreveport regarding ethical matters relating to publications issued by the Office of Catechesis; specifically, The Go-to-Guide for Catholic Parents and Guardians, and the Catechetical Goals: Catechist Edition, the Diocese of Shreveport  no longer endorses these publications and requests that all materials be returned to your parish office.  Thank you for your support and understanding.

Office of Mission Effectiveness

Year of Humanae Vitae

God & Sex:  Is the Catholic Church Out of Touch?
Deacon Bruce Pistorius, M.D. will present Free Love is Not Free:  The Prophetic Vision of Blessed Paul VI in the God & Sex Speaker Series.  He will enlighten us on the prophesies of Pope Paul VI and how they have manifested in our modern world.  Dr. Pistorius is a deacon at St. Joseph Catholic Church and is a local pediatrician.  Join us at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Shreveport, May 25th6:30 p.m. Nursery is available for all ages up to middle school.    Please make nursery reservations if possible.  318-865-3581


Msgr. Murray Clayton Scholarship Fund

The Msgr. Murray Clayton Scholarship Fund  is for parishioners who attend or desire to attend St. Joseph Catholic School.

Your tax deductible donations will help to keep Catholic school education affordable for Catholic families whose desire is for their children to receive a Catholic education, but may need some financial assistance to make that dream a reality.  Scholarship grants will be awarded at the discretion of the Pastor.

Please call the church office for more information.  318-865-3581