Fr. Biju’s Homilies

Second Sunday in Lent – March 17th

In the Transfiguration account in today’s Gospel, Jesus is revealed as a glorious figure, accompanied by the revered Moses and Elijah.

Jesus’ Transfiguration reveals the plan of his Heavenly Father for His Son’s suffering, death and Resurrection.

It makes his chosen disciples aware of his Divine glory, so that they might discard their worldly ambitions and dreams of a conquering political Messiah and might be strengthened in their time of trial.

On the mountain, Jesus is identified by the Heavenly Voice as the Son of God.

Sometimes the Transfiguration experience is called a Christophany, that is, a manifestation or revelation of Who Jesus really is.

Describing Jesus’ Transfiguration, the Gospel gives us a glimpse of the Heavenly glory awaiting those who do God’s will by putting their trusting Faith in Him.

The Holy Spirit, through our Church, invites us to reflect on Christ’s humanity by presenting the temptations of Christ on the first Sunday of Lent, but, on the second Sunday, by presenting the Transfiguration scene, the Church invites us to reflect on Christ’s Divinity.

The Transfiguration of Our Lord, like Christmas, is a Christological Feast.

In the Incarnation, the Divine enters the human condition.

In the Transfiguration, the human shares in the Divine glory.

The Transfiguration of Our Lord on this Second Sunday in Lent gives those at worship a glimpse of the coming future glory of Christ on Easter.

But this feast also reminds us that the only way to Easter is through the cross.

There are three major transformations in our life journey towards eternity.

The first transformation in our lives begins at Baptism which washes away original sin, transforming us into children of God and heirs of heaven.

The second transformation takes place through our victory over the trials and tribulations of life.

Every challenge, every difficulty, every moment of suffering, is an opportunity for transformation and spiritual growth.

The third transformation takes place at death.

Eternal life in Heaven is granted to those who have been found worthy, who have loved their neighbor and served them, and so have loved and served God.

The last transformation or transfiguration will be completed at the Second Coming when our glorified body is reunited with our soul.

In each Holy Mass, the bread and wine we offer on the altar become trans-substantiated into the living Body and Blood of the crucified, risen and glorified Jesus.

Just as Jesus’ Transfiguration strengthened the apostles in their time of trial, each holy Mass is our source of Heavenly strength against temptations, and our renewal in life.

In addition, our Holy Communion with the living Jesus is the source of our daily “transfiguration,” transforming our minds and hearts so that we may do better by humble and selfless service to others.

In moments of doubt and during our dark moments of despair and hopelessness, the thought of our transfiguration in Heaven will help us to reach out to God and to listen to His consoling words: “This is My beloved Son.”

Let us offer our Lenten sacrifices to our Lord in this Eucharist, that through the practices of Lent and through the acceptance of our daily crosses we may become closer to him in his suffering and may share in the carrying of his cross so that we may finally share the glory of his Transfiguration.

Parish Lenten Schedule

Stations of the Cross:

Fridays during Lent – 6:00PM

***Stations of the Cross – Good Friday, April 19th – 3:00PM

Holy Week Schedule:

Monday, April 15th – 8:15AM Morning Mass

Tuesday, April 16th
Morning Mass – 8:15AM
Chrism Mass ~ 6:00PM at the Cathedral (No 5:45PM Mass at St. Joseph)

Wednesday, April 17th – 8:15AM Morning Mass

Holy Thursday, April 18th
Mass of the Lord’s Supper ~ at 7:00PM (No 8:15AM or 5:45PM Mass) (No Confessions)
Tenebrae Service at 11:30PM

Good Friday, April 19th
Stations of the Cross – 3:00PM (No 8:15AM Mass)
Passion and Veneration of the Cross – 7:00PM

Easter Vigil, April 20th
Easter Vigil Mass ~ at 8:00PM (No 8:15AM and 4:00PM Masses)(No Confessions)

Easter Sunday, April 21st
*10:00AM (Two concurrent Masses in the Church & Activity Center)
12:00 Noon
(NO 6:00PM Mass)

Knights of Columbus Fish Fry:

Fridays during Lent – 5-7PM
Adult-$8.00         Child-$5.00          Add-ons-$1.00 each

Msgr. Clayton Scholarship Fund

Each week we ‘Gather Together in Christ’ at St Joseph Church. Through the Eucharist, we are formed in the Mystical Body of Christ. Together we build up the Church and the Ministries of St Joseph Church and prepare for works of Christian love and compassion.  Saint Joseph Catholic School is the biggest ministry in our parish and being able to provide a Catholic education is vital in today’s society.

We have started The Msgr. Murray Clayton Scholarship Fund which is for parishioners who attend or desire to attend St. Joseph Catholic School.

Your tax deductible donations will help to keep Catholic school education affordable for Catholic families whose desire is for their children to receive a Catholic education, but may need some financial assistance to make that dream a reality.  Scholarship grants will be awarded at the discretion of the Pastor.

Envelopes addressed to the Msgr. Murray Clayton Scholarship Fund are available in the Church Pews and in the Gathering Space. Contributions may also be made through E-Giving on the Church or School Websites. Please call the church office for more information.  318-865-3581.


To make a donation to the Msgr. Clayton Fund please click here.


If you are needing tuition assistance and would like to apply for this for this scholarship please fill out the form below and return to the church office.

Msgr Clayton Scholarship Application

Prayer for a New Bishop

Diocese of Shreveport

Prayer for a New Bishop

Let us join together in praying at every Mass for our new bishop.  Indeed there is something inspiring about knowing the future third Bishop of Shreveport is out there working in the Church so it makes our prayers very concrete.  Pray for him in his pursuit of holiness and for his zeal for and love of the Church as Jesus Christ founded it.

All glory to You, Lord our God,
our eternal Shepherd and Guide.
In your faithfulness,
grant to the Diocese of Shreveport
a shepherd whose watchful care and kindly zeal
will be a constant witness of faith and love
to the people entrusted to his care.
In Your love for us,
may he strive to live more and more each day
with holiness of life and heroic virtue
so that he will lead Your holy people in all truth
by being Christ’s heart of mercy,
voice of hope, and mind of justice.

Prepare him, we humbly pray, to fill our minds and hearts
with the truth of the Gospel,
the power of the sacraments,
and the desire to actively work to build up your holy Church.
Through Jesus Christ. Amen